John Würtz lives and works in his studios in Denmark and on the Canary island of La Gomera respectively. over the years John Würtz has exhibited his work at numerous international galleries and art fairs. He took part in the XXe PriX internationaL D’art ContemPorain De monte CarLo, monaCo, and has exhibited at the museum of modern art in Höganäs, Sweden, several times at “Kunstnernes efterårsudstilling” (the artists’ autumn exhibition) at Den Frie Udstilling (the Free exhibition) in Copenhagen and in global companies.

John Würtz has been a professional artist and he is represented in private art collections around the world.

John Würtz works with painting as painting. it is the state of absorption, the development and examination of the picture plane by means of successive layers of over-painting that create the totally unique structure of the paintings. the continuous process of destruction and rebuilding instils a sense in the beholder of a constantly changing space and composition.

the artistic means employed by John Würtz in his paintings are both highly complex and very simple. the paintings are created using a palette of colours which allows the artist to build up layer upon layer of paint to achieve exactly those colours that best capture the effects of light.

the palette of luminous colours of textural, ethereal appearance makes the paintings very intense and insistent.